Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Break: Kuekenhof

Back again! For our last full day in the Netherlands, John and I went to Lisse to see Kuekenhof. My mom had mentioned it to me when I told her I was going to Amsterdam, and after googling it I knew we had to go. Kuekenhof is the largest bulb flower garden in the world planting up to 7 million bulbs by hand per season, according to their website. That number seems impossible but the park is 32 hectares large and each flowerbed was EXTREMELY dense. For 28 euros each (including transportation) this was by far the most expensive touristy thing that we did on our trip, but we definitely thought it was worth it.
Upon arrival we found it to be super crowed and truly a tourist destination.

Once you choose a path to make your down the tall, shady trees and fairytale-esque views muffle the bustling noise of the entrance.

There are more than 100 varieties of tulips in the park. My favorites are the ones with fringy petals.

They reminded me of this picture I took of one of my dad’s tulips one spring. I just thought it was so unique.


University of Minnesota tulip!

Besides millions of tulips...there were ponds, fountains, clogs to stand in, swans and ducks, green houses, sculptures, a windmill, etc.

They also incorporated other flowers, often more mixed than the example above, to create some amazing flowerbeds.

John and I in front of a tulip field. We really enjoyed getting away from the big city for three hours and being in awe of the tulip crazy-ness of Keukenhof. 

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